On November 7, 2015, Klamath Excellence held its first cleanup event in conjunction with the Klamath County Landfill’s free green waste day.  Together dozens of volunteers cleaned up properties for elderly and veterans needing assistance.  Concerned citizens and civic organizations spent the day performing general landscape maintenance for residents and hauling away the debris. 

A total of 1,255 loads of acceptable material were delivered during the free event at the local landfill and 202 loads were accepted at the outlying transfer station locations.  There were 5,196 cubic yards of wood waste and 1,614 cubic yards of mulch that were disposed of. 

Prior to our participation and publication of the event, the typical number of loads to the local landfill during the event was around 900.

This is a perfect example of how raising awareness can make a difference.  Klamath Excellence plans on continuing these cleanup events as a way to encourage others to beautify their surroundings or assist others in doing so.