A Sense of Community Pride


Klamath Excellence exists to enhance and restore the beauty of Klamath Falls and surrounding areas in an effort to improve the quality of life.  We will seek to educate and engage our residents in beautification projects and cleanup activities to benefit the community.  We will bring awareness to the importance of pride in one’s place and its effect on our sustainability.


Klamath Excellence originated as an extension of the Quality of Life Committee of the Klamath County Economic Development Association (KCEDA). It was the opinion of the committee – and subsequently the Executive Committee of KCEDA – that a stand-alone organization would be most effective at overseeing the goals set forth.

Klamath Excellence has been tasked to oversee the rejuvenation and beautification of Klamath Falls in conjunction with economic growth and recovery. Incoming businesses as well as existing ones want to see effort being made by the community to better itself. Klamath Excellence will inject a sense of pride and community prowess that will ease our task of economic growth.


Simply put, beautification has a profound impact on all aspects of a community’s success. It is a modest investment that produces long-lasting and tangible rewards.

Our county’s success hinges greatly on the impression that it makes on others. Visitors whom we want as future residents and business owners, both large and small, will make an immediate judgment on whether to choose Klamath County and one of its communities based on their first impression. They will ask themselves: would I feel safe here, are the properties well cared for and appealing to the eye, is the neighborhood free of clutter and debris, is there a sense of pride of one’s place?

The answers to these questions will either bring in new families, visitors, and businesses to our community, or keep them away.

We believe that it is imperative that we beautify our homes and businesses, not only to boost commerce, but to also instill a sense of civic pride that will last for generations.

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